1. Langlois Vine Stripper
  2. Spur/Cordon Cutter


The Spur/Cordon Cutter was developed over the 2009 and 2010 pruning season in Marlborough to further enhance the capabilities of the Langlois VineStripper.

The Cutter is mounted to the front of the VineStripper and resembles a robotic arm which enables the cutter head to be very agile and reach wherever the operator wants it to. This allows for all different types of growing conditions.

Incorporated into the three individual axis movements is a self-levelling device which keeps the cutter head at a slight angle to allow for water run off.

The Spur/Cordon Cutter runs off the tractor hydraulics, with all functions being hydraulically driven by rotary actuators, (main 3 axes), cylinder (cutter head swing-away), motor (main cutter through OHZ bearing mount) and requires 30L/M (8 gal/min).

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The Process

The Process

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